Dangerous Alley


Sophia Reynolds is a strong independent woman. She doesn’t rely on anyone for anything. What choice has she had. As an only child she was left on her own when her entire family died within a six month period. She learned early on that the only way she would escape the meager beginnings of her life was if she forged a living for herself.
Just when she thought that she might actually be able to open up and let someone in, it all fell apart in one spectacular week. During the middle of a romantic evening that she had hoped would end with her becoming engaged, the man she had trusted with her heart dumped her.

Now hurt, scared and alone she is thrust into the middle of an illegal car smuggling ring and the arms of the one man who just might be the only man who can tear down her walls as well as break her heart.
Jake Stiles has the life he always dreamed of, his dream career in the FBI, a bachelor living life in a fancy penthouse suite in down town Seattle, and any woman he wants. Why then has he begun to feel a little dissatisfied with everything he has? That is until Sophia Reynolds stumbles into the middle of his investigation of the scariest man he’s ever met.

In a blink of an eye he makes a decision that could ruin his career as well as put a woman he has fantasized about for months in jeopardy. Will circumstances beyond their control be enough to bring the two together or are their worlds too different to overcome their personal obstacles?


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