Butterfly Caged

Butterfly Caged ebook cover

After being reunited with the love of her life, Gracelyn Taylor should be happy and content to live out the rest of her days blissfully in the arms of her soul mate Rory Thompson. Unfortunately she can’t forget about her friend, a man she should hate, who is currently sitting in a jail cell. He refuses to help himself and is more than willing to take whatever punishment is handed down to him, but Gracelyn can’t let that happen. She may be the only one who can help him, even if it means going against his wishes. Rory, her friends and family beg her to stay out of it, but she is more determined than ever to return to her hometown and help a man who holds many secrets, including why he helped her tormentor hold her captive two years earlier.

The trip home is filled with surprises and revelations that she finds startling. Coming to terms with what happened to her two years earlier is just the tip of the iceberg. Gracelyn soon learns that her tormentor, Russell Montgomery was more than an obsessive boyfriend. Even from the grave the things he was into put her life in jeopardy once again.

Laci Hundt has secrets of her own, secrets that have held her prisoner for too long. Resigned to live out her final days in the solitude of the cage she has called home for nearly three years, she is surprised when faced with the possibility of escaping her confinement. A chance encounter with Gracelyn Taylor may just be the path to her freedom.

Despite the extensive measures Rory has gone through to keep Gracelyn safe during her trip home, she turns up missing just a few days after returning to their hometown. She never even made it to see Bruce Cutler’s lawyer. It seems someone wants her to remain silent. Rory enlists the help of his brother and friends in a frantic search for his fiance. Can she hold on until they find her or will they be too late?



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