What it means to be a real dad

This time of year titles like Dad, Pops, Daddy, and Father are thrown around easily, but do we really know what a real dad is? My definition might be different than yours, but deep down I think we all know that a real father is so much more than just

Memories of Dad

This year marks the third year I will see another Father’s Day come and go without my dad.  I wish I could say it gets easier, but so far it hasn’t.  If anything, this year has hit me the hardest.  I don’t know if I was still kind of numb

For the love of mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, the first type of love I want to discuss is the love between a mother and a child. For most the bond begins in the womb, but not always.  Whether the union of a mother/child relationship was formed through adoption, step-mother or any

What does love really mean?

What is love? And no, I’m not talking about that iconic pop song we all remember so well. Some of us have never gone a day in our lives without either conveying the words “I love you” to someone close to us or been on the receiving end.  Yet there


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