Butterfly Found

Butterfly Found ebook coverGracelyn Taylor has been in love with Rory Thompson for as long as she can remember. After their first kiss, Rory tells her that they are a mistake and vanishes from her life. Out of loneliness, she turns to the wrong man for companionship. He becomes obsessed with her and she must disappear to save her life as well as protect everyone she cares about. She has changed her looks and her name in a effort to evade him. Two years later a chance encounter will bring the past crashing down around her and put her future in danger.

Rory Thompson regretted the words as soon as they were out of his mouth. He walked away from Gracelyn once, but vows to never do it again. Fresh out of the military, he is on the hunt for the only woman he ever loved. Gracelyn disappeared without a trace and hasn’t been heard from in two years. When he is intrigued by a stranger, he is surprised to find out that she will lead him back to the woman he has been searching for.

The quest to reclaim Gracelyn’s former life so that she can finally move forward is on. Together Gracelyn and Rory must learn to trust each other again in order to rekindle their love for each other.



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