For the love of mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, the first type of love I want to discuss is the love between a mother and a child.

For most the bond begins in the womb, but not always.  Whether the union of a mother/child relationship was formed through adoption, step-mother or any other way the love is still there.

This type of love is unconditional with no strings attached, or at least we hope it is.  There are those rare exceptions when conditions must be met for love to be exchanged, but I will discuss those at a later date.

As an adult daughter and now a mother, I find that I understand what her grimaces and sighs really meant.  No matter how royally we screwed up she never turned her back on us.  Mom was and continues to be a safety net I can always rely on.  She may not have approved of my choices, but not for one minute did I think she would ever turn off her love as if it were a switch easily flipped.  I can only hope that my children feel the same way about me.

It may not always be easy to keep from banging your head on the desk when you’re trying to show mom how to use her new smart phone or how to navigate a website.  Keep in mind that she had to show the same patience during potty-training and that whole learning to tie your shoe thing.  And let’s not forget the learning to drive experience.  In the end you both survived and benefitted.

From infancy your bundle of joy is dependent on you for everything from food and shelter to hugs and kisses.  Days of stain free clothing and going to the bathroom alone are in the past.  Your cute toddler begins to walk and talk.  The words no and mama are cute, until they’ve been screamed at you for the hundredth time that day and it’s only 10 am.  I know it’s hard to remember this, but treasure those moments because all too soon your little shadow no longer wants to been seen in public with you.

During those hormonal teenage years, when your sweet child turns into something you no longer recognize, your patience and love are stretched very thin, but never break.  Personally, I think aliens take over their bodies, because I sure didn’t recognize the child who thought the sun rose and set with one of my hugs.  Having experienced these teenage years for the third time very recently, I now realize that my mother started dying her hair right about the same time I hit puberty.  Needless to say my trips to the beauty salon have increased in frequency over the last couple of years.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Mom is human just like the rest of us, especially when we hit that age where we know everything.  After all Mom was born when TV’s were only black and white, phones still had cords, and anything wireless was a foreign concept only found in Sci-Fi movies.  How could she possibly know anything about the real world?  Oh how quickly we learn that she just might have some valuable advice.  Upon the birth of my first child, my mother became my greatest resource and still is to this day.

All kidding aside, being a mother is one of the greatest experiences in life.  Your heart aches with their sorrow and overflows when they are happy.  You celebrate every little achievement and provide encouragement when they’ve faced defeat.  Looking into your baby’s eyes and knowing that they recognize you as one of the most important people in the world blows your mind. Every milestone from that first tooth, to graduation, to marriage and the day they become parents themselves are the moments you treasure the most as a mother.

Jobs come and go, careers change, but no matter how old you get you never retire from motherhood.

Remember mom this Mother’s Day and be sure to thank her for always loving you unconditionally.


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